Our Team

Sarah Sweeney
Conference Co-ordinator
BA International Development with International Business
"I believe that universal and equitable health provision can only be achieved through an interdisciplinary and multi-sectoral approach to development and that the Global Health and Development Conference at Sussex is a fantastic platform to showcase the leading contemporary thinking on how this has been and can be achieved. I hope that delegates will leave inspired and ready for action.
In the three years prior to my studies I worked in community development in Arad, Western Romania and was responsible for delivering crisis help and healthcare initiatives as part of a more holistic development strategy. It occurred to me then that any successful development strategy is ultimately unsustainable if healthcare provision isn't taken into account. We need our health in order to work, maintain our independence and ultimately to enjoy life fully."
Amaran Cumarasamy
Conference Co-ordinator
BMBS Medicine
"During my time as an undergraduate I pursued my interests in capacity building in healthcare settings around the world and had the pleasure of working with a diverse range of medical NGO's. Serving on the Brighton & Sussex Friends of MSF and Sussex International Development committees has allowed me to better understand the role students and young professionals can play in shaping the ever changing field of global health. As I continue my training I hope to be able to build on my contribution and further explore my interests in development and global healthcare provision. The Global Health and Development Conference is geared towards providing both an academic and practical avenue into pressing health issues for those seeking to further their involvement and understanding into the greatest challenges to healthcare in the modern world."
Sunna Ali
MSF Co-ordinator
BSc Biomedical Science
"Global Heath is a running theme throughout Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) aims and accomplishments. Providing international, independent, medical and humanitarian aid, as a charitable organisation, is paramount to their work. With principles of neutrality and impartiality, this conference can and will speak volumes about the integration of MSF in Practical Solutions in Effective Healthcare Initiatives, irrespective of race, religion, gender or political affiliation. As a main partner of the conference, I am excited to envision BSFoMSF’s role in helping initiate connections for potential MSF workers, as they recruit from widespread and different talents- not just medics and to also celebrate MSF and their achievements thus far. With aspirations of working in healthcare, I can truly say it would one day be an honor to contribute to making healthcare solutions accessible to everyone around the world."
Jessica Rose Mevel
Marketing Co-ordinator
BA International Development
"Sarah and I retook DevSoc this year to make it bigger and better and we were told that conferences had always tried to be organised but never succeeded. But we decided to make it work this year and to recruit a great team to do so and create something unforgettable."
Hannah Dickson
Finance Co-ordinator
BA International Development & Spanish
"As a committee member of the International Development society, I am particularly interested in aspects of sustainability and environmental conservation. I believe it is especially important to raise awareness and increase knowledge of such concerns, as this is a vital step in changing public perceptions. The same applies to health related issues, which are of global significance, both in terms of provision and accessibility. Currently I am working on projects with A Partner in Education, a small INGO based in Brighton."
Priska Dibiasi
Multimedia Co-ordinator
MA International Security
"A healthy society is key to development; but development is also key to a healthy society. These two fields are intrinsically connected – they need each other. This is one reason why it is so important to bring together practitioners, researchers and students of health and development. I believe that it is crucial to possess insights into the processes of a different subject to improve understanding and respect for each other’s work."
Marta Verani
Sponsorship Team Leader
BA Anthropology & International Development
"I am passionate about inequalities, and strive to learn about how they can be bridged. Development and health is where many disciplines meet to fight this problem, and I am so excited to learn about how this can be done from different perspectives. I think it is important that as students we take this in our hands and try to make an impact in the academic world."
Dalila Ibrahim
Accounting Team Leader
BA International Development
"This conference is a chance to do something meaningful and worthwhile for a mission that is highly relevant. As a Kenyan, I have seen the suffering of my countrymen and I feel that taking action concerning global health is essential. When people die from otherwise easily cured diseases, an injustice on humanity has occurred. Though much has already been done to improve global health, much more needs doing. Every day we learn how to improve, how we can change for the better and I believe that it is within our power and capabilities to help people’s lives. With this conference, we can move forward together towards a brighter and healthier future."
Maria MacInnes-Ostrouch
Marketing Officer
BA International Relations
"My interest in International Relations first started when I was in high school. I attended an International School in Vienna, which significantly impacted my understanding of differing cultures, religions, practices, and customs. My interest in these areas was cemented during my gap year, I travelled to Africa and Nepal, where I volunteered as a teacher in Africa, and worked with children with both mental and physical illnesses in Nepal. This had a huge impact on me, as I realised how difficult it was, not only to afford medical care, but to access medicine, too. As I developed a strong bond with these children, I knew that availability and access to medicine in developing countries needed to be improved. I look forward to all the great ideas for improvement that this conference will no doubt bring about!"
Jimena Rossell
Marketing Officer
International Relations with International Development
"Coming from a developing country I believe that it is of upmost importance to emphasize the significance of concurrent issues revolving health and development in order to come up with different approaches to tackle them, this conference is a very ambitious idea that will help spread awareness and consequently bring in solutions from leading researchers in the field."
Maxine Tink
Marketing Officer
BA International Development
"Healthcare is such an important issue in the developing world in present day and improvements in this area can contribute to poverty alleviation. I hope that a conference in global health at Sussex will inspire students and academics to take action in reducing worldwide health problems."
Giovanna Machado
Sponsorship Officer
International Relations & Development
"I believe the issue of global health is one not be ignored – not only because of obvious humanitarian reasons, but because of the indirect impact on the economy and politics of the world. In this conference, we can engage in the fight to anticipate, prevent, and alleviate global health problems. Though it is true that the world community has so many tools to make people healthy today, we still need research and development to make health affordable, accessible, and fairly distributed for everyone."
Amy Stephens
Sponsorship Officer
BA Anthropology & International Development
"Having spent some time in Madagascar and India prior to starting at Sussex, I have witnessed first-hand the necessity for improved healthcare in developing countries. Healthcare is often basic if accessible at all and as such there is a fundamental need for more collaboration between healthcare and development professionals. I am looking forward to the opportunity to discover new prospects within development as well as networking with industry professionals."
Chris Alford
Sponsorship Officer
BA International Development
"Better healthcare means a better life. You have more chances to succeed and to develop the world around you if you are fit and if you’re healthy. Things can be done to improve Global Health and I want to part of the team that seeks to make these improvements. "
Melaina Hepher-Richards
Accounting Officer
BA Geography & International Development
"I believe that a better understanding of global health and the inequality of provisions available to people throughout the world is something that needs to be made aware of to as many people as possible and addressed. This seminar also allows the integration of academics, those working in the field, and students of all disciplines- this diversity allows us to hopefully see things in different perspectives and help us all to understand the future of global health."
Anna Towris
Accounting Officer
BA Philosophy & International Business
"After attending OxFid (Oxford's student-led development conference) a couple of years ago I was keen to help Sussex provide a conference that was just as inspiring."
Kieran J. Wilkie
Logistics Officer
BA Economics & International Development
"Global health is a crucial aspect of development and personal well-being, yet many people, particularly in the developing countries, suffer from largely preventable and curable conditions. My hope is that this conference can shed some light on some of the obstacles and, more importantly, some of the practical solutions in providing healthcare to those most in need."
Lewis Smith
Logistics Officer
BA International Development
"I have a real passion for global health. Prior to joining university I worked in health inequalities for several years and I plan to use my education to ensure everyone has access to the health needs they require. Taking part in this conference provides me with an opportunity to learn first hand from industry professionals that I not only respect but aspire to work with one day."
Victoria Paget
Logistics Officer
BA International Development
"The provision of effective and affordable healthcare is crusial to preventing the needless loss of countless lives. This conference presents an amazing opportunity for everyone attending to learn about the many obstacles in the way of preventing those deaths, and to hopefully contribute to the building and sharing of solutions."
Rosie Cowper
Logictics Officer
BA International Relations & Development
"I’m interested in global health as I have lived in countries of varying stages of development and experienced the difference between countries with strong healthcare systems and those that are deteriorating. Upon graduating, I hope to pursue a masters in Global Health and work in the policy field."
Shaz Tariq
Multimedia Officer
BA Economics & International Development
"Health is an important component of development and in my opinion this conference is the best way to learn and spread knowledge about health issues in both developing and developed countries."
Glen Newell
Multimedia Officer
BSc Business & Management
“Looking to learn more about an interesting academic area that’s new to me, and develop my web design skills along the way."
Cormac Bignell-Young
Market Research Officer
BA Philosophy & International Business
"I’m taking part in the conference because this conference is set to be something special. There are few conferences of this scale and even fewer with such a focus on the implementation of healthcare. Hopefully this conference can make a serious impact on the academic and professional discussion revolving around improving healthcare in developing countries."